Premises Liability

Accidents do happen—sometimes people don’t look where they’re going or just lose their balance. However, it is a different situation when that fall is caused by a poorly maintained sidewalk, broken stair, or wet floor. When a property owner fails to maintain or fix his or her property, everyone who enters is at risk. The lawyers at the Virga Law Firm have successfully handled numerous premises liability cases.


Falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury causing 40% of all traumatic brain injury.[1] This is more than double the instances of traumatic brain injury caused by motor vehicle accidents. Falls disproportionately affect the young and elderly and cause about 70% of the ER visits for persons 65 years and older.[2]

Premises liability is often associated with “slip and fall” accidents. But, it can also refer to other types of harm. The Virga Law Firm has experience handling all types of premises liability including:

When necessary, the Virga Law Firm retains engineering and construction experts to assess the property condition and help explain how an accident occurred. The property owners and people responsible for creating the dangerous conditions are liable for the injuries they cause. Call today for a free consultation. The lawyers at the Virga Law Firm will meet with you and assure that your rights are protected.

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