Bus Accidents

Over 60,000 buses are involved in accidents a year.[1] These bus accidents cause over 14,000 injuries a year. When comparing total miles driven, bus accidents occur at roughly the same rate as car accidents.[2]


Understanding liability issues is the first step towards determining who is to blame. A bus driver should be fully qualified and well trained before operating a bus. Operating a commercial bus, school bus, shuttle bus, or any type of public bus, for that matter, will require training. Bus drivers are responsible for their passengers’ lives, and if a driver is found liable, he or she will be accountable for any damages caused by a bus crash.

If you or a loved one is injured in a bus accident, it may be difficult to know if the driver qualified and operated the bus properly. We’ll find out if the driver had points on his or her license and if the driver was well rested. Other possibilities include a bus that was poorly maintained. Was the bus properly maintained—were the brakes, lights, and mirrors up to industry standard?

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