DUI Defense

How Virga Law Firm can Help with Your DUI

1. We Will Guide You through the Entire Process

We Handle Both the Court Process & DMV Process

When you get arrested for a DUI in California, there are two different proceedings. First, there is the criminal case in superior court. Second, there is the DMV administrative process. When you retain Virga Law Firm to help with your DUI, we will represent you in both.

2. We Will Make Sure the government did its job correctly

Protect your freedom and your license – Make sure the police did their job right

In order to protect your freedom and your license, it is important to have an attorney who will invest the time and resources into developing a defense strategy. The Virga Law Firm will make sure that the police did their job right—including the pull-over, the investigation, and blood and breath testing. Additionally, the Virga Law Firm will develop a defense strategy that may include filing a motion to suppress the stop, disputing the officer’s conclusions about objective signs of intoxication, and disputing the Field Sobriety Tests. The lawyers at Virga Law Firm have also taken DUIs to trial and obtained unanimous non-guilty verdicts.

The Virga Law Firm has Sacramento DUI lawyers who have experienced tremendous success in defending DUIs in the court process and the DMV process. There are many tactics the Virga Law Firm can use to resolve your DUI: negotiating alternative pleas, filing motions, subpoenaing the police to DMV hearings, and, if necessary, bringing your case to trial.

The DUI process moves quickly with strict deadlines, so it is important to consult with an attorney right away.