White Collar Crimes

The term “white collar crime” is used to describe non-violent crimes that are financially motivated. Even though they are non-violent, they can be very serious charges with the possibility of significant prison sentences. Prosecutors view them very seriously because there can be dozens of victims. Being accused of a white collar crime can destroy a person’s reputation; many people associate white collar crimes with greed and dishonesty.

Many white collar crimes can be charged as state or federal crimes. Often it depends on who the victims are and how the prosecutor thinks the crime was committed.

Common California white collar crimes include:

Common Federal white collar crimes include:

The defenses of white collar crimes can be complex. Fighting a white collar crime charge requires an attorney with financial, accounting, and business knowledge and experience. The attorneys at the Virga Law Firm have defended state and federal white collar crime charges for decades.

A mistake in defending a white collar crime charge puts your liberty on the line. When you or a loved one is fighting a white collar crime charge, do not hesitate to contact the Virga Law Firm.